news:New Dairy Queen Gets a new Fit Out
Posted on MAR 10,14 by Elie

Dairy Queen is an iconic café on Pascoe Vale Road, Glenroy, which has been family owned and operated for the past several decades.  When we inherited the ownership of the business in 2012, we decided to celebrate the next generation of the family taking over the management by implementing a new fit out in the café.

As Appointed designers Studio Equator's aim was to capture the wonderful heritage of the enduring family business in a modern way, while being careful not to alienate the large existing customer base.  The existing layout was kept the same, but new furniture, fixtures and cladding for the walls and counter were all designed to create a fresh new look.

Studio Equator’s signature green lucky beer chandeliers along with brightly coloured green stools were used to add a pop of colour and contrast against the beautiful timber wall cladding.

A new logo and visual identity was designed to help develop and assert the brand’s personality. A clean simple logo was teamed with a supporting visual system including a repeating graphic of words and patterns, and an iconic photograph of Pascoe Vale Road, overlaid with rustic cutlery and coffee stain graphics.

These graphics were used in applications including business cards, loyalty cards, menu, stickers and a rolling stamp as well as in various applications throughout the fit out itself.

The photograph, one of the first taken of Dairy Queen over 50 years ago was also printed and installed as a wall mural in the back room of the café to reinforce both the new brand, and the strong heritage of the place.  The supporting graphic pattern was laser cut and applied to existing light boxes in the ceiling, and was also hand-painted on the bulkhead above the menu and food display counter.

Although the main aim of the Dairy Queen refit was simply to celebrate the next generation of family ownership, the new brand and fit out also resulted in a huge increase in business, particularly coffee sales and weekend bookings, along with a plethora of positive feedback from existing and new customers alike!